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About the Project

Through the Real Stories Project we invited all employees at Australia Post to submit stories about diversity, inclusion and respect in the workplace. A sensational array of stories were submitted from all corners of the country. Six winning stories were chosen and these stories have now been creatively transformed into the Under the Sun film series.

This film series is now being used to inspire, promote and encourage diversity and inclusion within Australia Post and throughout the communities we serve.

Episode 1The Meeting

One of our core shared values at Australia Post is 'Respecting Everyone', meaning we care about people and value diversity. For us embracing diversity is first and foremost the right thing to do. We want all of our people to come to work feeling confident that they can be true to themselves and fulfil their potential.

In episode one of Under the Sun, you will be introduced to a diverse range of characters, all of whom have been created based on the stories of our own people at Australia Post. You can learn more about the inspiration that sits behind these wonderful characters here.

A still from Episode 1

Episode 2Friendship

Within our Diversity and Inclusion strategy at Australia Post, we have 5 key focus areas: Gender, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, People with Disability, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex (LGBTI). To find out about some of the programs that support these employees please take a look at our Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report.

We also recognise that diversity of thought amongst all employees is essential in bringing about fresh perspectives and new ideas, which is critical to the future success of our business. In episode two of Under the Sun, you will witness how diversity of thought can bring about disagreement and debate but ultimately a more valuable outcome.

A still from Under the Sun

Episode 3What's in a Name

Episode three of Under the Sun addresses some of the challenges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees face in dealing with stereotypes. Australia Post is strongly committed to supporting our indigenous employees and communities, as is outlined in our Reconciliation Action Plan.

This episode also reflects Australia Post’s commitment to empowering women, giving them the confidence to step up and take on new career opportunities. Within the film series, ProjectMe, our highly acclaimed personal and career development program offered to our award level women, is regularly referred to. If you would like to find out more about what Australia Post does to improve gender equality, read our Gender Action Plan.

A still from Under the Sun

Episode 4The Show Must Go On

Australia Post employees come from at least 140 different nations and speak more than 65 different languages. Every year we formally recognise and celebrate our cultural diversity on Harmony Day and encourage our employees to bring a taste of their culture to work to share with their colleagues. This tradition is depicted in the film series and is particularly prominent in episode 4 when the traditional Scottish dish, haggis, is shared as 'comfort food'. We also hear the personal insights of an immigrant employee who had to learn English on the job and rebuild her entire support network – a story many of our employees will relate to.

A still from Episode 4

Episode 5Stage Fright

Episode five of Under the Sun reveals some of the challenges people with a disability face in the workplace. With approximately one in five Australians having a disability, Australia Post understands disability touches all aspects of our business – our people, our customers, our suppliers and the communities in which we operate. You can read more about our commitment to improving accessibility for all Australians within our Accessibility Action Plan.

A still from Episode 5

Episode 6Curtain Call

PostPride is Australia Post's employee network focused on supporting the LGBTI community. At Australia Post we strongly believe that all employees should feel confident in bringing their true self to work and should be respected and included regardless of their sexual orientation.

In the final episode of Under the Sun you will witness the power and value of diversity, inclusion and respect. ENJOY!

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Behind the Scenes

You are invited to enjoy an exclusive back stage pass to see how Under the Sun was created by Taste Creative. Meet the actors behind the characters and hear first hand from one of the key story contributors; Anthony Brown.

Meet the realRyan Ruby

The character, Ryan Ruby, is based on the real story of Anthony Brown, who worked at Australia Post for over 20 years as a nightshift-sorting officer. Anthony submitted his story as part of Australia Post’s Real Stories Project. He courageously shared with us the challenges he has faced in feeling accepted as a gay man who dreamed of being an actor. He attributes his successes to a little old lady named Ruby who, "filled me with encouragement in her words and helped me believe anything is possible."

For many years Anthony combined his role at Australia Post with his passion for theatre, starting his own company called “Ruby Productions”. Anthony describes himself as being "incredibly blessed" by the respect and support he has received from his Australia Post colleagues, many of whom have come to watch his shows.

Real Stories

Real Stories