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The Real Stories Project is back in 2015. And it’s bigger and better than ever!

After incredible international success of ‘Work Mate’ in 2014, The Real Stories Project is back in 2015 and you are invited to share your stories.

We want to hear your stories of inclusion from the workplace. Your story could be about an inspiring moment of acceptance or collaboration; it could be a time when someone’s prejudices were challenged or stereotypical perceptions of ability were changed.

This year there will be multiple winning stories selected, to be created into a series of short films exploring themes including equality, inclusion, safety and respect.

We can’t wait to see your stories!

Why are we doing this?

The Australia Post diversity strategy is the framework for our inclusive employment programs and ensures that all Australia Post staff are given equal opportunity to participate in our workforce. We hope this project will create interest, break down stereotypes and build confidence and inclusion in our workplace.

How will the films be used?

The film series will be used to raise awareness of our inclusive culture within Australia Post.

Managers will screen the films for their teams to encourage open conversations about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The films may also be used for recruitment and training purposes.

Australia Post will share these films more broadly as a case study with other stakeholders to encourage them to develop a similar initiative or create their own.

Behind the Scenes – building employability skills

Australia Post has once again partnered with the award winning creative agency Taste Creative, and Bus Stop Films, who are passionate to not only represent the message of inclusion within the films, but also in the ‘Making of’.

Bus Stop Films is a pioneering, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to providing people with a disability the opportunity to act in roles, learn about and be involved in professional filmmaking.

An important feature of the Real Stories Project is a behind the scenes ‘making of’ featurette. This will include an insightful look into the making of the films, including interviews with the filmmakers and highlighting the people with disability who have been trained and mentored to work on the film providing valuable work experience and pathways to employment.

Real Stories

Real Stories