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Getting the most out of Under the Sun

Under the Sun provides the perfect opportunity for work teams to come together in a safe and engaging way to discuss the importance and benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The following guidelines can be used by managers and team leaders to facilitate a meaningful discussion about respect, diversity and inclusion.

We encourage you to consolidate and record your team’s responses to the questions and share them with us at

Introduce Episode 1: The Meeting

One of our core shared values at Australia Post is ‘Respecting Everyone’, meaning we care about people and value diversity. For us embracing diversity is first and foremost the right thing to do. We want all of our people to come to work feeling confident that they can be true to themselves and fulfil their potential.

In episode one of Under the Sun, you will be introduced to a diverse range of characters, all of whom have been created based on the stories of our own people at Australia Post. You can learn more about the inspiration that sits behind these wonderful characters here.

Watch episode 1 then ask your team:

  1. What do you think makes a respectful workplace?
  2. Can you share a time when you have not felt respected, either at work or outside of work? What impact did this have on you?
  3. Can you share a time when you have felt highly respected at work? What was this experience like?

Introduce Episode 2: Friendship

Within our Diversity and Inclusion strategy at Australia Post, we have 5 key focus areas: Gender, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, People with Disability, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex (LGBTI). To find out about some of the programs that support these employees please take a look at our Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report.

We also recognise that diversity of thought amongst all employees is essential in bringing about fresh perspectives and new ideas, which is critical to the future success of our business. In episode two of Under the Sun, you will witness how diversity of thought can bring about disagreement and debate but ultimately a more valuable outcome.

Watch episode 2 then ask your team:

  1. What are the benefits of diversity in the workplace?
  2. When have you benefited from being a part of a diverse team?

Introduce Episode 3: What’s in a Name

Episode three of Under the Sun addresses some of the challenges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees face in dealing with stereotypes. Australia Post is strongly committed to supporting our indigenous employees and communities, as is outline in our Reconciliation Action Plan.

This episode also reflects Australia Post’s commitment to empowering women, giving them the confidence to step up and take on new career opportunities. Within the film series, ProjectMe, our highly acclaimed personal and career development program offered to our award level women, is regularly referred to. If you would like to find out more about what Australia Post does to improve gender equality, read our Gender Action Plan.

Watch episode 3 then ask your team:

  1. Why are stereotypes so dangerous?
  2. How can we as a team ensure that we appreciate all differences and treat everyone with respect?

Introduce Episode 4: The Show Must Go On

Australia Post employees come from at least 140 different nations and speak more than 65 different languages. Every year we formally recognise and celebrate our cultural diversity on Harmony Day and encourage our employees to bring a taste of their culture to work to share with their colleagues. This tradition is depicted in the film series and is particularly prominent in episode 4 when the traditional Scottish dish, haggis, is shared as ‘comfort food’. We also hear the personal insights of an immigrant employee who had to learn English on the job and rebuild her entire support network – a story many of our employees will relate to.

Watch episode 4 then ask your team:

  1. What are the cultural backgrounds of the members in your team?
  2. What are some of the cultural challenges people in your workplace face?
  3. What benefits does cultural diversity bring to the workplace?

Introduce Episode 5: Stage Fright

Episode five of Under the Sun reveals some of the challenges people with a disability face in the workplace. With approximately one in five Australians having a disability, Australia Post understands disability touches all aspects of our business – our people, our customers, our suppliers and the communities in which we operate. You can read more about our commitment to improving accessibility for all Australians within our Accessibility Action Plan.

Watch episode 5 then ask your team:

  1. What are some of the challenges people with a disability may face in your workplace?
  2. What actions can you take to ensure people with a disability are included and can work to their full potential?

Introduce Episode 6: Curtain Call

PostPride is Australia Post’s employee network focused on supporting the LGBTI community. At Australia Post we strongly believe that all employees should feel confident in bringing their true self to work and should be respected and included regardless of their sexual orientation.

In the final episode of Under the Sun you will witness the power and value of diversity, inclusion and respect. ENJOY!

Watch episode 6 then ask your team:

  1. Have you ever felt like you haven’t been able to bring your true self to work? How did this impact you and your work?
  2. What actions can you take to ensure your colleagues feel confident, respected and valued?

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