About Work Mate

What is Work Mate?

Work Mate is an innovative short-film, which is the result of a call out for positive stories of inclusion through The Real Stories competition in 2014.

Samantha Ford (Network Performance, NSW/ACT Parcel Operations) and Sarah Vickers (HR Advisor, Retail Services) submitted stories about employee Charlie McConnell, a Customer Service Consultant with Australia Post. Charlie, described in one story as a ‘remarkable man’, is an inspiration to the people he works with and has faced more exciting challenges and adventures than most people would in a lifetime, despite being totally blind.

Charlie’s story was adapted to make Work Mate, a short film to raise awareness about the importance of inclusive employment. Work Mate is the outcome of The Real Stories Project an Australia Post initiative funded by The National Disability Employment Initiative (NDEI) administered by Workfocus Australia.

How is Work Mate being used?

Work Mate is being used as a training resource to raise awareness and promote the employment of people with disability at Australia Post. Managers have been screening the DVD for their teams and use the discussion planner to encourage open conversations about inclusion in the workplace.

Australia Post is sharing its experience as a case study with other employers to encourage them to develop a similar initiative or create their own.

Work Mate has been on the International Film Festival circuit, winning an impressive line-up of awards from around the globe.


Real Stories

Real Stories